India has always been at the forefront of Medical science since ages immemorial. We also offer ayurvedic treatments as an alternative medicine. Ayurveda literally means “knowledge of life” and its scope is truly no less encompassing. While the tradition is thought to be over five thousand years old, Ayurveda remains as relevant as ever—and it is enlivened every day as individuals around the world engage its timeless wisdom in their day-to-day lives.

Ayurveda is a remarkably individualized system of medicine. The tradition is rooted in the idea that each of us is born with a completely personal blueprint for optimum health. From birth onward, it is this reference point—your constitution—that, in many ways, defines who you are. No two constitutions are exactly alike; therefore, no two human beings can have precisely the same expression of ideal health.

Our expertise in following areas will instill you with a healing process that’s natural , holistic and
1. Conservative management of Joint and Spine disorders.
2. Obesity solution and weight management protocol.
3. Lifestyle disorder management.
4. Herbal and Herbo-mineral solution for Dermatological and Cosmetological problems.
5. Consultation for Body Constitution Analysis and Diet Plan According to Ayurveda Principles.
6. Ergonomics and Yoga Guidance for professional Disorders.
7. Stress and Insomnia Management.
8. Management of PCOD and Infertility with Herbal medicine.

We also offer following Packages:
1. Prenatal, Antenatal, Post Natal Care
2. Seasonal Detox/ Bio Cleansing through Panchakarma (yearly)
3. Preventive Healthcare as per your Body Constitution (6 months)
4. Rasayana Therapy (Body Rejuvenation and Anti-aging ) (6 months)
5. Migraine Package (AMCT – 3 to 6 months CMCT – 6 to 9 months)
6. Stress Management and Lifestyle Modification workshops for Corporates (3 hour programme)