ENT Surgery
Ears, Nose and throat are like the 3 musketeers of our body. Their functioning is interdependent and it is due to this property that we can enjoy our food, music and various other good things in life.

Ears as a fact are also responsible for maintain the balance of our body while doing activities like walking, running etc. The department is also known as the Otorhinolaryngology department. It also deals with the structures of the head and neck.

Treatments are provided for:
1. Ear ache
2. Ear DX
3. Lobe reconstruction
4. Recurrent rhinitis and allergy
5. Recurring URTI throat infection, discomfort in swallowing
6. Wax removal

1. Vertigo evaluation
2. Sleep study from surgery of sleep evaluation

1. Correction of deviated nasal septum
2. Endoscopic sinus surgery & seproplasty (FESS)
3. Microscopic ear surgery
4. Tonsillectomy

We strive to serve you with our ENT department that makes sure you value taste, sounds and that Amitabh Bacchan baritone voice.