Infectious Disease
We believe that the only thing infectious should be your smile and laughter. For ailments and diseases, we have an Infectious Diseases clinic.

This subspecialty clinic runs under Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Piyush Ashok Chaudhari who has specialized in Infectious Diseases and HIV after completing his post graduation in Medicine. It also caters to travel immunizations and other preventive services.

Through this clinic various Infectious Diseases are managed as per standard protocols on OPD as well as IPD basis. The infections managed include:
1. Pneumonia
2. Tuberculosis including MDR TB
3. Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya
4. Typhoid
5. Hepatitis A, B, C, E
6. Urinary tract infections
7. Fever of unknown origin
8. Post-operative infections
9. Implant related infections
10. HIV
11. Chickenpox, Herpes zoster
12. Various parasitic infections
13. Invasive fungal infections
14. Infections in transplant and cancer patients etc

In addition, this clinic supervises the Adult Immunization wherein vaccinations are provided for adults based on their age group, medical co morbidities and place of travel.

Here one can also get specific consultation related to travel to various places worldwide and prevention and treatment of various infections associated as per respective epidemiology. In collaboration with various other departments especially the surgical department the ID specialist also monitors infection control and prevention activities in the hospital including operation theatres.

There is also training done about various infection control activities for the hospital staff.