Mother Care

We know the value of the bond between a mother and her child. With our state of art gynecology department, we help you cherish the complete experience of child birth. We make sure that your love is focused on the wellbeing of your child and you, leaving all your medical requirements and worries onto us. This department deals with the medical study of overall health of a woman. With obstetrics now going hand in hand, it also covers child birth and the mother’s health and at Polaris Healthcare this department comes equipped with warmth, love and tranquility.

Antenatal care ( 9 months)
From the moment, you receive the good news we recommend that you begin your antenatal care, which deals with a set of routine checkups and tests ranging from ultrasound scans, urine, BP, blood tests etc all the way to your delivery.

Postnatal care.
From the moment, the good news comes to life, begins the stage where the mother undergoes not only physical but social and psychological changes that need to be tended to. We help the mother to get back to Pre-natal stage in term sof phyical, mental and emotional state. We make sure that proper tests are conducted, health and nutrition of the mother and child are looked after and a proper follow up procedure is charted out.

Painless delivery.
Knows as Epidural Anesthesia this is a safe and pain free procedure where the mother is injected with local anesthetics during the delivery so as to nullify the labor pain when it is beyond the bearing capacity.

Normal delivery / instrumental delivery.

We give you the confidence to try for a normal delivery. Your consultations, pregnancy diet and exercises during pregnancy are tailored according to your need, lifestyle and medical conditions.

LSCS / Caesarean section.
Lower Segment Caesarean Section is the most common type of caesarean section delivery which results in lower loss of blood and is easy to repair.

High risk obstetrics
Age, Lifestyle factors, any preexisting health conditions or complications during pregnancy are some of the factors that can categorize a pregnancy into a High risk. One of the most cherished and amazing time in a woman’s life can also come with increased health risk in few cases. High-risk pregnancy patients require specialized monitoring and care to ensure mother and baby are safe and healthy. Factors that may cause a high-risk pregnancy include age of the mother, preexisting conditions, multiple fetuses and previous problematic pregnancies. Polaris Healthcare's high-risk obstetrics team provides the extra care these women need with state-of-the-art treatments and testing. Trust our team to care for you and your growing family.

The Intensive Care Unit comes to aid of new born who need intensive medical attention right after birth. We have a state of art NICU and we have taken special care to make sure that tiniest part of the baby is tended in case of an emergency.

So while it may be your first or second experience of child birth we are here to make sure that it is joyful, enlightening and only full of happy memories.