Operation Theater

We We have got 2 highly functional operation theaters that cater to all your surgical needs and is equipped to be one of the best in medical fraternity.

Orthopaedic Modular OT

The first one is a dedicated Joint Replacement OT with state of the art equipment. It caters only for Joint Replacement surgeries and clean Orthopedic surgeries. The OT is fitted with Laminar air flow with HEPA filters which decontaminates the air. Anesthesia is provided through the Draeger workstation. It has central oxygen supply alongside air cut off lobbies.

We have gone a step ahead and installed Allengers Hi frequency 9 inch C-ARM with image intensifier II TV. The C ARM is highly compatible with the automatic OT table fitted with Orthopedic attachment for Orthopedic surgeries. For Arthroscopic surgeries of the shoulder and knee the OT come with an Arthroscopic trolley.

Not to forget, there are LED lights installed on the roof for clear and natural vision during surgeries.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Child birth is a process that is as blissful as that of high concern. We at Polaris healthcare have built a state of the art Operation Theatre to make sure that your only focus is on beautiful memories.

We have here the C ARM which is compatible to the automatic Operation Theatre table for Urosurgery, and other surgeries ranging from obstetrics, gynecological and general.

We have also placed a Laparoscopy trolley for general surgery laparoscopic procedures and gynecology laparoscopic surgeries.

Labour Room

We at Polaris healthcare have a large space labour room. It comes with a continuous NST monitoring facility to monitor the Fetal heart during the progress of labour. The oxygen supply is centralized and the room is geared with basis equipment like suction apparatus.

Located in the obstetrics and gynecology OT complex it facilitates easy transfer of patients to the operation theatres in case of non-progress of labour. We provide facility for painless labour as well, so you experience only the joy of parenthood.

For the extra mile we have attached Baby Resuscitation Bay with standby pediatrician.

Autoclave Room

Polaris Healthcare maintains high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. The Autoclave room is the heart of operation theatres. The room is equipped with double drum fully automated autoclave with auto drying facility. It is connected with R.O. filtered sterile water for disinfecting and sterilizing of instrument so that every surgery is safe.

We use controlled autoclaving processes using biological and chemical markers to maintain high standards of autoclaving. To reduce human errors the room is fitted with a horizontal autoclave equipped with NANO cycle, which is a completely automated process for efficient and effective autoclaving.


The Intrauterine Insemination Unit at Polaris Healthcare Hospital take that extra step in special cases to make sure your dream of parenthood turns into reality. The IUI is equipped with microscope, Laminar air flow and centrifuge machine to name a few. This facility caters exclusively to patients with infertility / oligospermia / erectile dysfunction.