Spine Surgery

Painless Delivery is a Normal Delivery made Pain free

What Is Painless Delivery?

When the mother is in active labor and is unable to bear the labor pain. The patient can opt for a painless delivery. With the consent of the mother, the obstetrician generally gives an epidural injection to numb the pain. The epidural is a local anesthetic which is administered at the lower spine area. As the epidural numbs the spinal nerves, it helps in removing the pain completely.

As now the mother has no sensation of delivery, The motivation to bear down the baby is blunted. Hence, the baby is delivered with the help of a forceps or using a vacuum pump. With latest advancements, this does not affect the baby in any way.

What are the Risks involved in Painless Delivery?

Normally there are no risks involved in a painless delivery.

What to expect During & post Painless Delivery?

Unlike Normal delivery, you do not go through the excruciating labor pain. Hence, you can expect to sit and romance with your husband during the delivery and after delivery with your baby!

Post-Painless Delivery Care?

Post delivery the mother needs to take rest and work on regaining her strength. you can now enjoy and breastfeed the baby.