Skin & Cosmetology

Beauty is only skin deep goes the saying, we feel the same and believe beauty to be beyond the skin and something that comes from within. For your actual skin problems and treatments, we have a department of skin and dermatology. At the department of dermatology, we offer you a wide range of treatments for all nail, skin, hair and related diseases.

We offer you:
1. Anti ageing treatment
2. Scar ageing treatment
3. Skin tightening ,Brightening
4. Skin polishing
5. Stretch mark reduction
6. Unwanted hair reduction
7. Chemical peels
8. Microdermabrasion
9. Derma roller
10. Micro needling
11. Radiofrequency

Dermatologic surgery
1. Earlobe repair
2. Mole
3. Scar
4. Wart
5. Corn
6. Cyst slain
7. Tog removal
8. Vitiligo punch grafting

Lasers treatments
1. IPL
2. Laser

General dermatology
1. Acne
2. Pimples
3. black beads treatment
4. pimple scar treatment
5. Melisma & pigmentation relocation
6. Dark circle reduction
7. Deterging of fall a hands
8. Auergy
9. Eczema
10. Psoriasis
11. vitiligo treatments
12. fungal
13. Bacterial Viral infections of skin, hair & nail diseases
14. disorders & treatment
15. leprosy
16. diagnosis & treatments

Diagnosis & treatment
Hair diagnosis
1. Hair loss
2. Dandruff
3. Alopecia
4. Mesotherapy
5. PRP therapy (platelet rich plasma)

With a wide range of treatments to offer we are making the point clear that “You should strive to be beautiful and clear from within, we shall take care of everything else”.