Spine Surgery

Treatment of Broken Bones / Fractures

The Polaris Healthcare specialises in surgical and non-surgical management of sports-related injuries, sports and musculoskeletal injury prevention and rehabilitation, diagnostic and interventional radiology, sports performance optimization, and sports nutrition.

The Polaris Healthcare is an integrated practice with a full range of clinical options to serve elite and professional athletes, weekend sports enthusiasts, and budding athletes. A sports injury can happen in an instant or from repetitive actions over time, or sometimes an old injury can resurface. None of these should be ignored.

Our team of doctors, physical therapists, trainers, and nutritionists have vast experience in helping elite and professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and budding athletes maximise their potential.

Polaris Healthcare provides individualised treatment for all kinds of sports injuries and other joint-related disorders. Our focus is primarily on the quality of medical care. We are committed to helping individuals recover quickly from sports injuries, and facilitating their return to their previous level of sports as quickly and safely as possible. We use a multidisciplinary team approach to treat various sports injuries which include ligament and tendon reconstruction and repair, alignment correction, cartilage resurfacing.


Sports Injury Treatments

Shoulder Ligament Injury
Polaris Healthcare provides specialised management for various Shoulder Ligament injuries such as shoulder dislocation, shoulder tendon tear, bicep injury and old failed surgery. Generally, old age and sports accidents are the primary causes of these injuries and a favoured option of treatment for such cases is Minimally Invasive Surgery which ensures faster recovery. 

Knee Ligament Injury
Knee injuries are amongst the most common injury occurring in players participating in active sports. This could range from ligamentous sprains to broken ligaments. Comprehensive management of sports-related Knee Ligamentous injuries such as ACL / PCL / LCL / MCL or even multi ligament injury are offered at Polaris Healthcare. Typical treatment for these injuries involves Minimally Invasive Surgery which allows athletes fast and safe return to their pre-injury level. 

Meniscal Injuries
Meniscal injuries usually happen during sports activities or unusual training because of a trauma or a fall and when there is a sudden twisting movement of the knee. Polaris Healthcare provides fitting treatment depending on the type of the meniscal tear. Meniscal injuries are primarily treated operatively although the Team of Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Center focuses more on Meniscal repair and preservation wherever possible rather than the more commonly opted option of removal (menisectomy). 

All Sports Related Injuries
Polaris Healthcare provides specialised and individualised management and rehabilitation care for various sports-related injuries and discomforts which include knee pain, Tennis Elbow and ankle sprain. With the aim to provide treatment corrections for injuries of such kind, Polaris Healthcare has developed a comprehensive treatment program covering electrotherapy coupled with rehabilitative modalities. Polaris Healthcare also has a comprehensive rehabilitation unit to support post-surgical care. 

Cartilage Injury
To deliver ideal treatment and care for the delicate Cartilage Injury, the Centre has adopted a comprehensive approach, i.e. regrow, regenerate, repair rather than replace, which promises to give the best long term results. The mainstay treatment focuses on preserving and rebuilding of the natural normal cartilage.