At Polaris Healthcare we offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments for the following injuries:

Contusion -injury to tissues (also known as a bruise) : Bruising is a common occurrence with which we are all familiar with; however, some bruises can lead to serious complications beyond the general swelling, pain, discoloration and tenderness we expect. Blood around a bruise can sometimes clot and form a cyst or calcify, requiring surgical treatment, or symptoms may become complicated by an infection. If you have concerns about a bruise that is unusually painful or is not healing as expected, make an appointment as soon as possible.

Sprain – injury to ligaments

Another common injury, to ankles and wrists especially, sprains are to be expected not only as a result of sport, but also in the course of day-to-day life. The ligaments hold our bones together, so an injury to a ligament can cause joint instability, and weakened ligaments can remain more prone to recurrent injury if not treated properly. Not only will Dr Miodrag and his team be able to make you as comfortable as possible during recovery, they will also be able to prescribe an individualized treatment plan to re-strengthen the ligament and minimize the risk of repeat injury.

Strain – injury to the muscles or muscle fibers

Strains to muscles that cross two joints, such as the hamstrings or quadriceps, are most common in running-type sports. If a strain is properly treated, the muscle has the ability to return to full strength and flexibility. Muscles have a very good blood supply and thus heal much more quickly than ligaments and tendons.

Tendonitis – injury to tendons

Tendons attach muscles to the bones. Injuries to the tendon occur with overuse and can become chronic, such as with tennis elbow. Severe injury to the tendon can require surgery, but most injuries to the tendon respond well to rehabilitation and rest. Strengthening the muscles around the injured tendon and restoring flexibility to the muscle-tendon unit are the primary goals in rehabilitation, and Dr Miodrag’s extensive experience in Orthopedic Surgery will mean your recovery is as swift and thorough as it could be.