Travel Clinic

Who would want to fall ill during that 20 day Europe tour? We know the importance of a healthy body that allows you to enjoy your stay abroad with the least possible medical problems. Health and medical safety while travelling internationally is given high regards in today’s time. Our travel clinic provides you with up to date treatment and advice alongside immunization and health checkups to make sure you only worry about the weather and food on your international journeys.

Vaccination – The clinic supervises adult and child immunization, wherein vaccinations are provided for adults based on their age group, medical co morbidities and place of travel. In addition, now a days people travel world over for business, recreation and adventure. There again lies a risk of getting exposed to certain infections which may not be prevalent in India and hence need added protection through certain vaccines. These vaccinations prevent hospital admissions and potentially life threatening conditions like pneumonia, meningitis etc. All in all, vaccination is the easiest way of preventing the morbidity and mortality resulting from most of the vaccine preventable diseases.

Who Should visit a travel clinic?

  • Holiday goers
  • Adventure seekers
  • Students travelling for higher education
  • Frequent business trips
  • Foreign tourists in India
  • Expats living in India
  • What does a travel clinic offer?

    In depth Risk Assessment:

    Host Factors Travel- related Factors
    Co morbidities Season
    Vaccination History Exact itinerary- urban/ rural
    Immune Status Geography, epidemiology
    Pregnancy Activities during travel
    Allergies Type of accommodation
    Current Medication Financial limitations


    • Routine vaccinations not up-to-date
    • Vaccinations for special locations e.g. Yellow fever, meningococcal vaccine
    • Vaccines for special hosts e.g. Pneumococcal vaccine


    Malaria: most parts of India are not hyperendemic for malaria, hence most Indians not immune- may require prophylaxis when traveling to hyper/holoendemic areas (e.g. central, west Africa)

    Education Awareness

    Believe it or not!
    • Indians may also suffer from traveller’s diarrhoea
    • General food, water precautions
    • Personal protective gear
    • Insect repellants
    • Blood borne diseases, STIs

    Risk Assesment

    • CV risk
    • Uncontrolled DM
    • DVT, PE risk
    • Altitude sickness
    • Motion sickness
    • Heat stroke, frost bite
    • Jet lag
    • Travel-related injuries